Eleek Cast Metal Tiles

Eleek’s cast metal tiles are made from recycled aluminum (100% recycled, with 70—100% post-consumer content) or bronze (at least 90% recycled and at least half of that post-consumer material). Smooth to the touch, solid and strong yet light and organic in look and feel, Eleek’s aluminum tile is softly speckled like river rock. Bold and luminous, Eleek’s bronze tile is a timeless statement. Whatever you choose, you will thrill to the authenticity of these tiles every day. We ship them finished with a simple paste wax which protects them from moisture without impeding their simple, natural beauty. The river-rock finish lends durability for countertop and tabletop applications. If there will be moisture where you install them, we recommend that you rewax them occasionally.

Standard Cast Tile

Eleek cast metal tiles come in five standard sizes as shown. The tiles can be used indoors or outdoors—any place free from standing water or constant moisture. We do not recommend these tiles for kitchen countertops or work surfaces. Decorative Pyramid 4 3/8″ tiles are also available. The tiles are 5/16″ thick, including a corrugated backing that is a part of the casting (lending structural integrity and better adhesion).

Eleek cast tile sizes (largest size not currently available)

Eleek cast tile sizes (largest size not currently available)


Custom Extruded Aluminum Tile

Eleek also offers extruded aluminum tiles in specifiable sizes and in quantity. These are similar to our cast tiles but with sharper edges and no corrugated backing. Call to inquire.


Aluminum Tile
Tile back
Bronze Tile
Pyramid Tile
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