Sustainable Metal Work

Eleek Inc. brings an environmentally friendly approach to hand crafted, high quality metal work. With a diverse portfolio from large scale architectural lighting to intricately detailed hardware, founder Eric Kaster imparts an elegant and artistic touch to all of his pieces. The Portland Oregon company boldly states: “Our aluminum and iron products are 100% recycled. Our bronze products are at least 90% recycled.” While a custom sconce may admittedly be out of our budget, Eleek’s product line also includes many reasonably priced, custom-cast hand-patina drawer pulls, switch plates and other irresistible items.
All of Kaster’s sinks, lights, and hardware are elegantly crafted. Clean modern rectilinear lines comfortably mingle with what one might call a pre-WWII machinist aesthetic. (You may have seen his gothic/industrial revolution-esque “Illuminata” sconce on ABC’s Early Show.) In addition to fixtures and hardware, there is also a bold line of cast metal tiles (aluminum or bronze,) although they are not as stylized as some of Eleek’s other products.

Eleek’s belief in sustainability is emphatically spelled out in the company’s environmental statement. If you’re the slightest bit intrigued about how thoroughly a business can pursue an environmentally sensitive path, you’ve got to read through this!! Not only have they taken the more obvious step of recycling their prime material and using green electricity from Pacific Power, but 99% of their supplies come from within a 50 mile radius of the shop and waxes and oils are salvaged to finish their final products. These guys appear to have taken every available opportunity to promote a sustainable environment- while creating some of the most striking metal work we have seen.

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