Top 10 Green Building Products 2006

Eleek Lighting Wins Top Ten Green Building Products 2006 from Sustainable Industries Journal

In October 2005, California’s revised building codes goosed the market for low-energy lighting fixtures. Eleek is one of the few companies ready to meet growing demand for design savvy, energy-efficient lighting fixtures. Across the board, judges said they were inspired by Eleek’s Arts and Crafts-style fixtures for their “elegant and sensible designs” that “blend resourceful material use with energy efficiency.” The company uses recycled aluminum and salvaged wood, finishes, and waxes in its designs and takes back any of its products for in-house recycling. Many Eleek designs feature pin-type ballasts, ensuring that buyers continue to use energy-efficient fluorescent lamps. Eleek also received high marks from judges for its commitment to reducing the company’s environmental footprint. “I think that our efforts toward sustainability are a natural outgrowth of our personal values,” says Sattie Clark, who owns the shop with her husband Eric Kaster. “It has never seemed like a choice to us; that’s just the way it is.” The company is expanding its distribution network into Oakland, Calif. this October, and has recently made a new catalogue of company designs available to architects nationwide.

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