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Eleek wins BEST award for Outstanding Sustainable Practices 2006

Eleek, Inc. is a small design and manufacturing company whose products include lighting, sinks, tiles and hardware. The company was founded six years ago by Eric Kaster and his then-fiancee, Sattie Clark. Eric had been working at his family business, Willamette Pattern Works, since childhood. Eric and Sattie formed Eleek with the goal of minimizing environmental and social impact while creating beautiful, innovative products in a fun, fair work environment. Here are a just a few of the ways they are accomplishing that goal:

  • By using 100% recycled cast and tumbled aluminum, including 70% post-consumer content, and bronze that is at least 90% recycled
  • By creating an innovative finish that keeps the aluminum from oxidizing and protects people from direct contact with the metal
  • By sourcing 90% of its materials from within 50 miles of the shop
  • By hiring from its North Portland neighborhood whenever possible
  • And by hiring employees who take pride in living lightly and are passionate about sustainability

Eleek’s success is particularly noteworthy for a manufacturing business working with energy-intensive processes and materials. The BEST judges really liked this company’s philosophy, as expressed in their Application: “Anything worth doing is worth doing one step at a time, no matter how long it takes.”

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