4 Culture Artist Registry Vol. 5

Eric Kaster is an artist who specializes in making custom pieces that are designed for specific sites. He is a third-generation patternmaker with an unusual skill set that informs his work. Eric has solid experience integrating art into public spaces and working collaboratively with developers, architects, contractors, and public art administrators. As a designer and manufacturer of architectural details such as lighting, hardware, and signage, Kaster takes the potential of public art beyond courtyard sculpture. His style tends toward the organic and archeological, and he often works with cast and fabricated metals. Eric’s business, Eleek, Inc., has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and can aid a project seeking LEED status. Among Kaster’s recently completed projects are Burlington Station, located in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District, for which he created exterior decorative lighting, cast bronze door handles, and cast bronze sculptures. For the Elizabeth Lofts, also located in Portland’s Pearl District, Eric created exterior and interior decorative lighting, cast bronze door handles, cast bronze scuppers, and interior signage. 4Culture is a new model for public support of cultural programs. It combines the resources of the public sector with the flexibility of a non-profit. Through the integration of four program areas, 4Culture stimulates cultural activity and enhances the assets that distinguish our communities as vibrant, unique, and authentic.

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