Eleek & United Streetcar

August 2012

Eleek is very proud to be a partner in making America’s first electric streetcars.

United Streetcar, an Oregon based manufacturing company (a subsidiary of Oregon Iron Works) is making innovative streetcars for many U.S. cities featuring energy saving innovations like LED lighting. Eleek is designing and manufacturing the interior lighting–both LED and fluorescent versions. United Streetcar has made an impressive commitment to using U.S. vendors for these projects, including 173 Oregon vendors. The manufacturing of the streetcars for the city of Portland, Oregon is creating 133 jobs, and the manufacturing of the streetcars for the city of Tucson, AZ is expected to create 173 jobs. Made in the USA means good jobs in the USA. Hats off to United Streetcar for setting a great example.

Why choose an American Made streetcar?  From the United Streetcar website
Purchasing an American made streetcar brings back manufacturing jobs and technology that were once a large part of the United States economy and helps develop the local, regional and national economy. With an American made car you will not deal with currency rate exchange fluctuations and will be using primarily U.S. products and U.S labor. Vehicle manufacturing and parts and service will occur in a timelier manner due to manufacturing occurring in closer proximity to your state and by using a U.S. and often local supplier network throughout the United States. This is often a unique advantage if you use taxpayer funds to pay for your streetcar project. Most taxpayers like to see their money spent in the U.S. and locally if possible. In addition, our quality and safety standards are extremely high and we welcome your visit to our facility at anytime.
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