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Eleek's CIELO Pedestrian Lamp inspires judges to create new catagory.


Eleek’s “CIELO” Luminaire Inspires a New Category at
the annual Next Generation Outdoor Showcase Competition

Strategies In Light, Santa Clara, CA

Meet our new pedestrian-scale LED streetlight called “Cielo” (originally named Halo). Cielo was one of three designs to inspire the Next Generation Luminaires Outdoor Showcase judges to add an additional category of special consideration to this year’s winners. Eleek, shared the stage with some of the best known lighting companies like Lithonia, GE, Cooper and Cree.

Our 4800 lumen pedestrian street lamp (also available up to 24,000 lumens), was distinguished as “incorporating particularly innovative form factors… offering high design and function” inciting comments from the panel such as “excellent concept”, “very cool”, and “a highlight for me.”

The Next Generation Luminaires Outdoor Showcase Competition (“NGL”) was launched in 2008 to promote excellence in the design of energy-efficient LED luminaires for general illumination in commercial lighting applications.

There were 120 products from 42 manufactuers in 10 categories; 22 companies were recognized this year. Of the companies recognized, Eleek is one of only two located on the West Coast, and the only Certified B Corporation. (Certified B Corporations are committed to best practices in sustainability. They undergo an independent third-party certification of their sustainability claims every two years.) Read more

CIELO Specification Page

Eleek: CIELO

Replication of original 1906 lamps

Historic Replication

King Street Station Interior

Eleek is passionate about the 3 R’s: Restoration, Replication and Retrofitting. You may remember from past newsletters that Eleek replicated the exterior fixtures of Seattle’s historic train station, King Street Station, in 2012. We just completed the second phase of this project, replicating the interior fixtures, all of which were removed and lost at some point in the mid-1900’s when the ceiling was dropped. We replicated the fixtures from photographs and made all new patterns and castings, with the exception of the sconces for which parts and pieces of one original sconce were found. In all, we replicated 78 fixtures in only 12 weeks: 1 large chandelier, 4 small chandeliers, 19 pendants, 54 sconces. The largest chandelier measures 8′ in diameter and 10′ high. We also replicated the window actuator (motorized openers) in bronze.

All the fixtures were replicated to be historically correct in terms of the materials (brass, bronze and glass) but were fitted with super energy efficient hardwired LEDs manufactured by Xicato. Thanks to the other professionals who made this project a big success, including ZGF Architects, Sellen Construction and Pivotal Lighting Design. We hope you have a chance to visit this beautiful, historic station in your travels!



Oregon Business Magazine: Greenlighting design

June 2013: Eleek, considered a pioneer in the design and manufacture of energy-efficient lighting, has won multiple design awards and gained national recognition for both design and environmental practices. “It’s about honesty, integrity and doing the right thing,” says Clark. “If you’re not operating from the highest place, then you’re not really being sustainable.”

Oregon Business Magazine: Greenlighting design

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