Care of Finishes

Powdercoated Finishes

If the final finish of your Eleek product is a powdercoat, you can clean it with any gentle, non-abrasive cleanser—Bon Ami or dish soap, for instance—and a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge. If it’s a scrubbie sponge, make sure it says it is safe for non-stick surfaces or “non-scratching.” Rinse well with clean water.

Living Finishes

If the final finish of your piece is wax, you must be more careful with it. Clean with a soft cloth and a gentle, diluted liquid soap—like dish soap—as needed. You will need to replenish this living finish by rewaxing it. How often you need to rewax will depend a lot on how you use it. A sink that gets a lot of use will need to be rewaxed more frequently than a little-used sink. In the beginning, you may want to start by rewaxing your sink every two to four weeks. Beware of strong chemicals. See below for waxing instructions.

Raw Bronze Finishes

If your bronze is naked as the day it was born, you can do just about anything you want with it. It will patina naturally as you use it. If you are trying to build a natural patina, clean it using the Living Finishes instructions above. If you are trying to keep it new looking, clean it frequently following the Powdercoated Finishes instructions above (hint: you may want to order it with a wax finish). If it gets to a point where you like its patina and want to preserve it, you can coat it with wax and then rewax it occasionally on a regular basis. See below for waxing instructions.

Beeswax Paste Waxing Instructions

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We recommend a natural, organic beeswax / pharmaceutical-grade mineral oil paste in a 1:4 wax-to-oil ratio. In a small saucepan melt 2 ounces of natural beeswax with 1 cup of pharmaceutical grade mineral oil (ask for it at your local pharmacy). Cool slightly; pour into a glass Mason jar; let it cool completely and set up.

Apply with a soft cloth over raw metal or a previous wax of the same type when desired (do not use a cloth which sheds fibers). Make certain your surface is completely clean and dry before applying wax. If you notice a wax buildup, you can remove the finish with a heat gun, or more laboriously with a hair dryer. Do not allow melted wax to leak down your drain. Reapply as desired. This finish can also be used on cutting boards or butcher blocks.

“Beeswax paste” can be purchased online but beware it almost always contains additional ingredients that are not food-safe. Support bee community health—source your beeswax locally.

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