Eleek’s unique finishes allow the authentic character of the metal to shine through. Our favorite option for aluminum is the natural, soft finish we call River Rock (pewter grey, subtley speckled, organic, uncommonly beautiful). If you prefer to add color to that, we recommend our custom Artist Patinas—organic earthy hues applied by hand and torch.

Bronze is also beautiful in its raw form (finished to a smooth touch). Leave it to develop its own natural patina over time or choose from our custom
Artist Patinas.

All Eleek pieces receive a final clear coat (wax, lacquer or occasionally powdercoat). There are pros and cons to each and we are happy to explain them to you. Mostly, we recommend wax if you are willing to commit to a routine maintenance routine. In some cases, a clear powdercoat finish may be the best choice (although we do not offer it on all products). If you have a preference, please let us know at the time your order is placed.

Choosing an Eleek Finish

It’s alive! A living finish is so called because it will evolve over time. Variables that will affect the way it changes include climate, exposure, handling, cleaning and waxing. Time may affect the color, sheen and even texture of the patina. Regular maintenance over time—including cleaning and application of clear paste wax—can control these changes to a large extent. It is fairly easy to strip and refinish these pieces if necessary. Living patinas are not covered by Eleek’s limited lifetime warranty and are not appropriate for aluminum pieces that will be used in kitchens or bathrooms. A powdercoat is a durable, permanent polyester coating applied thermostatically (as a powder, without solvents) and then cured in a hot kiln. It is non-toxic and easy to care for. It offers heat resistance up to 300˚F and doesn’t fingerprint. While it doesn’t scratch easily like stainless, it can be scratched or gouged if mistreated. Powdercoat finishes are warranted by Eleek against defects in manufacturing and materials for a period of one year.

Natural river rock aluminum

Eleek’s natural, recycled aluminum is tumbled to a soft, smooth, speckled finish—pewter gray like river rock and just as peaceful to the eye. Our proprietary finishing process gives resistance to corrosion. We add the protection of a thin wax coating (unless otherwise specified).

Clearcoat on aluminum or bronze

A final clear finish is required for UL certification on aluminum light fixtures that may be exposed to moisture and other conditions commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor environments. In that case, we provide a clear, low-gloss, non-toxic (LEED approved) finish that will not interfere with recyclability. If a clearcoat is not required, we generally opt for a clear wax finish. Please let us know if you have a preference.

Powdercoated Aluminum

Powdercoat finishes offer durability and ease of care by hermetically sealing the metal in a tough, permanent coating. We offer powdercoats in either matte (low-gloss) or flat (no gloss) finishes. Please see our standard powdercoat options to make your selection. For a custom powdercoat color please inquire with Eleek or your Eleek dealer. We do not offer powdercoats over Artist Patinas.

For maintenance instructions, see Care OF Finishes section

Artist Patinas on aluminum or bronze

Eleek’s Artist Patinas are applied by hand and torch by an Eleek artisan. Each piece is a unique work of handmade art; therefore, expect slight variations in color and pattern relative to any samples you may have seen. To get pieces to match, they must be patina’d at the same time. Artist Patinas available on aluminum are Vintage Silver, Golden Amber, Masala Red and Antique Black.

To protect the patina, we recommend routine waxing (see Care Of Finishes for
more information).

Raw bronze

Uncoated. Naked as the day it was born. Just soft, smooth, raw bronze. It starts out bright and will develop its own living patina over time, constantly evolving. Applying wax at intervals will preserve the patina or slow its evolution. If you want to start over, a scrubby sponge and a little Bon Ami will usually remove most of the patina. A living patina is a reflection of the life of the object. Use it. Love it. Let it tell its story.

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