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The Eleek Lamping Guide is designed to compare many lamping options. To learn more about how we recommend using the chart, see below.

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Eleek Lamping Guide

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With all the options available, how can you make an educated choice with lamping technology that makes good sense both aesthetically and ecologically? We developed the Eleek Lamping Comparison Chart as a tool to help consumers and trade professionals alike choose the best lamp for their needs.
comparison chart overview

Our chart is designed to give you information about all of the most commonly used lamps. Since there are hundreds of brands and dozens of wattages available for each lamp, we chose to compare the most commonly used wattages and wattage equivalents across the board.

For practicality, we also only show what can be readily purchased on the market. It is possible, for example, to buy a 10,000 hour lifespan halogen (at additional cost) but it is not a common variant and we just couldn’t cover everything and still give a good, quick overview.

we use it, too (a case study)

When we selected lighting for our new shop sign, our lamping chart played a useful role in making that decision. We wanted a fixture that would subtly complement our building facade and provide even illumination to the signage below without distracting from it.

Before creating the chart, we assumed that LED lamping would deliver the highest cost savings and energy conservation over its lifespan; when compared with halogen lamping this is certainly the case. However, we were not confident that the two LED spotlights we were considering would provide adequate illumination over a large enough area and our budget didn’t allow for a third spot.

Our chart informed us that T5 fluorescents provide more brightness (in lumens) per watt than any other competing lamp. Coupled with its long lifespan and good color rendering, the T5 lamp will give us the coverage we need, while keeping step with our quest for energy conservation and good looks.

We encourage you to use this chart in the same way when you’re looking for a lamp technology to suit your particular situation. We wish you “happy lamping,” and hope our guide lights your path.

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