Custom Capabilities

What can we do?

What can’t we do? That might be the easier question to answer. Eleek offers extensive experience and diverse techniques to make your project stand out. We strive to make the process easy and fun.

Our Experience

We design and manufacture decorative lighting, sinks, hardware, and architectural details. We also offer full services in restoration, retrofitting and replication. If you look at the following Case Studies, you will see that we can help establish the unique identity of your project by contributing multiple decorative elements. For instance, a bronze door handle that coordinates with an interior sconce which in turn echoes themes from a large exterior sconce. Whether you are looking for a single piece or a large production run, we have the capability and experience.

Our Materials and Techniques

We have extensive experience working with aluminum, bronze, copper, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, pewter, wood, glass and plastics. We make patterns and molds in-house; cast, bend, fabricate and finish metals; blow, slump and cast glass; vacuum form, slump and drape form plastics. We specialize in environmentally sustainable materials and processes.

Design & Presentation

We can quickly design and produce high-quality, professional, three-dimensional renderings for you or your client. We specialize in custom lighting, sculpture, cast metal sinks, hardware, tiles and other architectural details.

We can design independently or in collaboration. We can work from a sketch on a napkin or from a CAD file. We can take your designs and help engineer them for the manufacturing process. We are flexible.

Manufacturing Experience

We have extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Design and construction of production patterns and molds
  • In-house and foundry casting of metals
  • Fabrication of sheet metals, extrusions and castings
  • High-end woodworking
  • Blown, slumped or cast glass
  • Vacuum formed plastics
  • Custom finishing (tumbling, patinas, powdercoating, etc.)
  • Wiring and electronics to UL/ETL or CE specifications
  • Energy-saving lamping technologies
  • Environmentally sustainable materials and processes
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